Top Ten Real Estate Property Investing Applications

It does not matter whether one is evaluating tools of professional desktop or is looking out for suitable application he needs to have real estate property investing applications in his or her hand. Given below is ten of the top real estate Property investing applications helpful in real estate property investment

Real Data

Real data offers excel based software on two types of versions. Professional for most of the income properties and Express for smaller properties or portfolios and windows and Mac are supported in product lines. The professional version has the ability of comparing individual units and also combining income that are of different type of properties.

Argus Software

This software offers a suite of enterprise class of investment software property tool especially for companies belonging to commercial estate. The various functions of this software include valuation, asset management, lease management and portfolio management.

REI Wise

This software helps software of real estate to reach higher levels. It is available through subscription and the PowerBraker suite consists of the financial models of leasing nature and marketing tools also. REI wise also features a platform for transaction and that too with document center and deal room of virtual nature.


It is basically an Excel application available for personal computer and is designed exclusively for investors of personal nature. It is available in the three versions in order to cater the requirements of starting from beginners to holder of building of multiple nature.

Real Bench

This software is meant for Mac and Window benchmark properties and it displays the result in green or red colors. One just needs to enter property information into it and the software will evaluate benchmarks of customization nature like the ratio of debt coverage and rent multiplier of the grossest type.

CRE Model

It is a cheap and economical investment software package that models for the common metrics of medium and small investors. The various types of calculation in it include leveraged IRR, ROI and the advanced return of cash or cash nature.

Reality Analytic Software

This property software analyzes the potential investment in commercial, residential and real estate nature.  It also creates business plan that is compatible for use in generating financing. The program of excel based type supports the branding process for the professionals of the real estate industry.


This software analysis iOS device along with their flagships and this app carry out bundling of tools of investment analysis, PDF reporting and calculator of financial nature.

Plan Ease

For those investors who are interested in designing their own model, Microsoft Excel provides software for Property analysis.  A number of real estate software packages are based on Excel and offers advanced and sophisticated financial tools to the users.

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